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My name is Larry Tezekjian but I go by Tez. I've been broadcasting since September 2009 and have been growing my skills ever since. I ran a great internet station back in 2012, but do to family issues I had to let it go. The time has come to venture back in as the stations I have been working on have remained stagnant and I want to get back what I once had; a GREAT internet station serving the world,


Tez FM was a Godsend! I am disabled and can not work, so finances are all but non-existent. I found Zeno.FM (my station hosting site) quite by accident! It's ALL FREE and I can run multiple stations! I decided to have 4 of the 5 stations created as "REPLAYS" of older broadcasts to make them "sound" live, but some are "time/date stamped" by either current events at the time or by the time of the days of the week. These stations are as follows:


AM Gold: An "Old School" broadcast with all the jingles, flow, and banter of classic AM Radio! Playing music from the late 60's through the mid 80's. 


Indie: My Indie Artist broadcast playing the BEST Indie Artists & Music on the PLANET!


TezTament Radio: My Christian broadcast playing great rock & contemporary mainstream & Indie Christian Worship music!


The Deb n' Tez Show: Back in 2012, my wife (estranged since June 2019) and I did and HAD THE GREATEST amount of listeners of ALL the shows on my station FMR! These are ALL the shows I have left as I had a MASSIVE hard drive crash in 2016. Hope you LAUGH!


ENTER STATION #5! Station #5 is a station that will be "programmed" by making a playlist in order with all genres of music from ALL other 4 stations ALONG with Station ID's, Jingles, Show Promos and possibly advertising as I grow but for now, there are no ads. Station 5 is called:


Tez FM-The Station: TEZ FM-BRINGING BACK REAL RADIO, ONE BROADCAST AT A TIME! Tez FM-The Radio Station is THE station that will actually be programmed with great content consisting of od mainstream music from the late 60's through the mid 80's, Indie, & MORE! This is also where I'll be doing ALL my LIVE broadcasts as well as HOPEFULLY adding MORE  live DJ's and syndicated shows in the future.


Feel FREE to CALL the studio line and leave a message whether it's a request, dedication, or just feedback as YOUR opinion and interaction is welcomed!


ALL stations can be accessed either by the Zeno APP on

Google Play or the iOS APP Store search "Tez FM" and all stations will show up.

You can ALSO ACCESS ALL 5 on our website HERE


I have so many plans for this site INCLUDING Indie artists promotions, Artists of the week, Scheduling, adding MORE QUALITY DJ's as well as an online store to help support the station once I get some great artwork!


You can support the station just by LISTENING and bringing others into the station


If you feel a tug to help support my efforts, please feel free to DONATE any amount as it ALL helps whether a one-time OR monthly donation.

No matter which way you do it, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Much Love,

Larry "Tez" Tezekjian


Larry "Tez" Tezekjian

OWNER: Tez FM Whiteville, NC

Fan Page:


Studio Line: 910-317-0777

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